About Outer

Simone Z Leao (also known as Outer) is an emergent artist and designer based in Noosa, Queensland.

Outer’s work is focused on that space that separates the inside and the outside of an individual. This layer caries the tension between the private and the public, between the uniqueness of the individual and the collectiveness of the society and the environment they belong. What is hidden, suppressed, what is genuinely exposed, or fabricated for display, are all elements in that space. Outer designs, creates and builds multiple versions of this layer, as a way to artistically reflect on themes of belonging, identity, oppression, and diversity.

Outer is a multi and mixed media artist. Her work spreads across two and three dimensions, from drawings on canvas, fashion design, to sculptures. Outer is particularly interested in the use of textiles as her main material, building soft textile sculptures, and mixing them with glass and ceramics. She creates original textile fabric patterns which are used in her own designed garments. She also like exploring the relationships and transitions between different materials, such as casting soft sculptures into hard material such as cement.